One Frame Movement
Record cover, 2019

Cover design CD and digital release. CGI
generated imagery is contrasted with handwritten elements and rough cut-outs of band photographs.


Taking references from the 1920 silent
horror film ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ — which was an inspiration for the band during recording — and adding a virtual pink noir feeling to it.

Ghent Art Book Fair
Poster, 2018

Poster for the 2018 edition featuring a
collection of books that appear in The

Profile, Bubble, Cloud
video, digital animation, 2019
MA Graduate Project – St Lucas Antwerp

Profile, Bubble, Cloud is a three-part animation about distortion in the online world, specifically issues surrounding the manipulation of information.

What if we look at data as a way to build a reality? As a substance that distorts your identity? This idea is explored through narrative and digitally created environments and animations. Three chapters, each showing a different viewpoint with a short story narrated by captions.

Profile as the distortion that occurs in the way an online identity is perceived, Bubble as the isolating personal experience and Cloud as a digital dump full of automatic generated nonsense and absurd fragments.

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Profile, Bubble, Cloud – Publication
Book, 2019
MA Graduate Project – St Lucas Antwerp

This publication shows the proces and theoretical research behind the themes featured in 'Profile, Bubble, Cloud'.

Featuring stills and images made during production, transcripts and texts by Hito Steyerl and James Bridle.

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Wilde Koffie
Branding, print, digital, animation, 2019

Branding for a mobile coffee bar. The single line from the logo was extended to an identity that gives a playful overview of the coffee making process.

The simple identity elements form a toolbox that allows the design to be easily extended to other uses like social media banners, animations, POS displays, shirts…

Personal work
3D, digital animation, 2016–present


Illustrations and animations made with

Cinema 4D, a 3D based software used to generate images and animations.